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Pixie’s Story_Recovery2

Hello All

Hope you are all well and full of beans. Today I will be sharing another part of my journey to recover.

Mom took me to the vet for them to stitch up my laceration. I am so glad this open wound with funny stuff on is not working for me. I am starting to move around better although still sore.  I just don’t like going to the vet anymore I am tired of all the pain and meds. The vet said my stitches can be removed after 10 days then mom must bring me back. 

I am so happy at least I don’t have to stay at the vet, that would’ve not worked for me. I still am getting plenty of meds for pain and all the inflammation in my little body. I thought tonight we will be sleeping on the bed but mom said no we are still sleeping on the floor. I was really getting my hope up. Mom said once the stitches have been removed we can sleep on the bed. I can’t wait and a really looking forward to that. 

My stitches have been removed today and the vet is happy with my progress. Whoohooo, guess what is happening tonight…..we are sleeping on the bed. Got home and I made sure to remind mom that tonight we are sleeping on the bed. It has been a month since we were sleeping on the floor, I am not used to that at all. 

Mom said to dad she is worried and that they are going to have to watch me that I don’t try and jump of the bed my body will not tolerate that. What they don’t realize is that even though it looks like I am trying I can’t even jump on the bed, it is too high. Every night mom carefully picks me up onto the bed and every morning she takes me off again. I slept like a dream, how I missed this. Mom is worried that I will try and get up and down when nobody is watching. She is right I had that plan in mind. She made sure the bed is blocked off so that I don’t do that. We tried using my brother’s steps, but that is not good and that idea didn’t work at all. Mom is thinking and doing a lot of research about tripawds. A lot of the equipment available is not locally available. She assured me I must just be patient she will most definitely make a plan. She had an ottoman in front of her bed that is lower than the bed but just too high from the ground. She is looking everywhere for some sort of platform that is just in the middle so that I can get up and down by myself. Doesn’t matter where she looks she can’t find anything. Last night she was measuring and told Gran she has an idea. She is going to build a platform that is the right size and is firm enough but also soft enough form is that when I go down to absorb some of the impact on my body

Mom got home from work she was little, she went to the shops first, she had a timber platform, material, and high-density foam. She was on a mission and didn’t even worry about making supper. She told dad they must cook she’s busy. I am very curious as I know this is all for me. Mom was busy cutting material, measuring, and working with all sorts of tools. Then finally she was done. A little platform she made just for me. She took it to the room, I went as long as I want to test this step that mom made just for me. I loved it it is firm but soft. I kept saying thank you to mom by licking and leaning against her. Then tried it out. Yippeeeee at last it works. Mom’s plan really worked. I am getting up and down the bed all by myself. 

Now things can just get better. I love my mommy. She cares so much about me.

Next time more about our adventures together.

Have fun all my furry friends and love your caring humans.


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