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Pixie’s Story_Recovery2

Hello All

Hope you are all well and full of beans. Today I will be sharing another part of my journey to recover.

Mom took me to the vet for them to stitch up my laceration. I am so glad this open wound with funny stuff on is not working for me. I am starting to move around better although still sore.  I just don’t like going to the vet anymore I am tired of all the pain and meds. The vet said my stitches can be removed after 10 days then mom must bring me back. 

I am so happy at least I don’t have to stay at the vet, that would’ve not worked for me. I still am getting plenty of meds for pain and all the inflammation in my little body. I thought tonight we will be sleeping on the bed but mom said no we are still sleeping on the floor. I was really getting my hope up. Mom said once the stitches have been removed we can sleep on the bed. I can’t wait and a really looking forward to that. 

My stitches have been removed today and the vet is happy with my progress. Whoohooo, guess what is happening tonight…..we are sleeping on the bed. Got home and I made sure to remind mom that tonight we are sleeping on the bed. It has been a month since we were sleeping on the floor, I am not used to that at all. 

Mom said to dad she is worried and that they are going to have to watch me that I don’t try and jump of the bed my body will not tolerate that. What they don’t realize is that even though it looks like I am trying I can’t even jump on the bed, it is too high. Every night mom carefully picks me up onto the bed and every morning she takes me off again. I slept like a dream, how I missed this. Mom is worried that I will try and get up and down when nobody is watching. She is right I had that plan in mind. She made sure the bed is blocked off so that I don’t do that. We tried using my brother’s steps, but that is not good and that idea didn’t work at all. Mom is thinking and doing a lot of research about tripawds. A lot of the equipment available is not locally available. She assured me I must just be patient she will most definitely make a plan. She had an ottoman in front of her bed that is lower than the bed but just too high from the ground. She is looking everywhere for some sort of platform that is just in the middle so that I can get up and down by myself. Doesn’t matter where she looks she can’t find anything. Last night she was measuring and told Gran she has an idea. She is going to build a platform that is the right size and is firm enough but also soft enough form is that when I go down to absorb some of the impact on my body

Mom got home from work she was little, she went to the shops first, she had a timber platform, material, and high-density foam. She was on a mission and didn’t even worry about making supper. She told dad they must cook she’s busy. I am very curious as I know this is all for me. Mom was busy cutting material, measuring, and working with all sorts of tools. Then finally she was done. A little platform she made just for me. She took it to the room, I went as long as I want to test this step that mom made just for me. I loved it it is firm but soft. I kept saying thank you to mom by licking and leaning against her. Then tried it out. Yippeeeee at last it works. Mom’s plan really worked. I am getting up and down the bed all by myself. 

Now things can just get better. I love my mommy. She cares so much about me.

Next time more about our adventures together.

Have fun all my furry friends and love your caring humans.


Pixie’s Story_Recovery1

Hello Furry friends

Today I will be sharing my recovery journey with all of you. I was in the hospital and had a great deal of pain.  I missed being at home with my family and missed sleeping on the bed with mom and dad. Mom and dad are visiting me every day and spending time with me encouraging me to eat and get better. Mom is bringing me cooked chicken and rice every day and are trying her best to get me to eat. The vet told her that I am not eating and it is a concern. I must say I am hungry and took a bite, only one bite. Mom could see that I am hungry, but I can’t just give in I want to go home. Mom is stressing a great deal because I am not eating and refusing all food, but I am actually more clever than they know. If I don’t eat maybe they will send me home to recover. Well after more than a week the Vet spoke to mom and said me not eating is a problem and maybe we should try I different angle of getting me to eat. If mom is prepared to bring me in every second day in order for them to change my dressing on the open wound and give me all my meds it might be a good idea to send me home and see if I will start eating. Yipee my plan worked, although it is still difficult to walk and painful I am going home. I know that mom and dad will make sure I am ok and give me the meds. This is a great day. Arriving at home I realized that this road to recovery is going to be a hard one. Must say mom was also very relieved that I am home. I also realized I won’t be able to jump on the bed anymore to sleep with mom. Seems that mom has a plan for our new sleeping arrangements. I ate a little bit tonight and then the meds. Oh how I hate the meds, but mom and dag are both serious about making sure I am getting all my meds. Mom is sleeping on the ground with me every night. I am so happy. This is life, now my recovery can start. Mom and dad carry me outside when I need to go to the toilet. They explained if I have any accidents it is ok they understand and don’t mind cleaning up. Really this girl has her pride there is no way in the world I am doing that. Outside will work for me when it is toilet time, I can’t walk that far but with their help getting outside it works well for me. Mom needs to return to work soon but dad and granny will be at home. Granny is full-time and dad most of the time as he works from home, Wish mom could stay longer with me before returning to work but I suppose life is slowly returning to nomality. Every second day I am of to the vet for a check-up and to change my dressing. The vet is happy with my progress and is saying I am a superhero and very brave. They all laugh because I have been so stubborn by refusing to eat in order to get home. They all realized what I have been up to. In a couple of days, they will stitch the laceration closed as my skin is healing really well.

Keep well all my new friends and always a positive attitude.


Pixie’s story_Becoming a Tripawd_3

Hello Everyone

Hope you are well and are having an amazing day. Today I will be telling you how I became a Tripawd. It was a Wednesday afternoon 2021 in September. I was excited for mom to come home from work so that we can go for a walk as we do every day. Mom arrived and I was super excited and showed her my harness so that she can know I am eager for our walk. She quickly knew I wanted to go for a walk. Dad took my little brother Woefels (a Miniature Pincher) and mom took me on our harnesses. My brother is such a clown it is always a struggle to get his harness on because he gets so excited. I am well trained and stand for mom to put on my harness. Happy days we are walking our normal route, I am pretty excited I know the route and where to walk. We were walking down the street and from behind I dog came and attack us. He first crabs my brother and threw him to the ground, dad then jumped in between and crab Woefels to save him. The big dog then turned to mom and me he mom picked me up to protect me, but this dog just bit her and then eventually crabbed me out of her arms. Mom then took my Woefels from dad then was down on the ground by me fighting the dog to get me out of his jaw. The silly thing was eating me alive! Finally, dad got me lose and neighbors let us in their yard to get us away from the vicious dog.  Mom was holding me tight. Dad went home to fetch the car and took Woefels and me to the Vet. They then went to the hospital. The Vet was working on me and Woefels to get us all well again. Woefels only had a laceration on his chest that they quickly sorted and then he was treated for shock. They were working on me for a great part of the night to get me stabilized and trying to save my leg. At least they gave me plenty of medication for the pain and shock. By Friday they told mom and dad that in order to save my life they will need to amputate my leg and the deep cut below my leg they will only close it with a dressing to save the skin around and give it time to heal and not loose the skin. I also sustained a puncture on my lower abdomen. I then was taken to the theatre and my leg was amputated. Don’t worry it wasn’t easy and tragic but it wasn’t going to stop me from being my active, adorable self. Mom and dad visited me every day in the hospital. Woefels was doing good and was discharged on Friday and went home. I missed hearing him. Don’t worry it was a tough time but with the aim to get well and the support of mom and dad, it all went well. It took time but I adapted, next time I will be sharing my recovery story with you all. Life is there to enjoy to the fullest and that is what I am doing, nothing is going to keep me back.

You all must keep well and remember to stay positive and enjoy life.          Pixie.

Pixie’s story becoming a tripawd_2

Hi Everyone

I found my forever home when I was 8 weeks old. Mommy and Daddy loves me. I was only 4 months old when Mommy lost her dad and I was there for her. Our bond became stronger than before. The only time she left me alone was when she had to go to work or buy groceries. We started walking every day in the neighborhood. I loved walking or more like running, lucky for me mom also loved running. I couldn’t wait for mom to come home in the evening for us to take our walks. Mommy must love me because there is not a day I without spoils. I also had lots of toys. Once a month I get a new toy to add to my collection. I also had to go to the vet for my vaccinations that I didn’t like so much. My brother a Miniature Pincher he loved it. He thinks he is a prince and love the attention me on the other not so much only from mom and dad. They never go on holiday without us. I loved swimming in the sea with mom, this was amazing and running on the beaches, even better. As I grew older and more active mom started walking me twice a day. In the mornings before work we would go for a jog and in the evenings after work we will take dad and Woefels my doggy brother with. The soon become the best life with all these outings. For three year this was our routine, only when it was raining we didn’t go, then 2021 came and it was a difficult year for us as a family with a lot of challenges. By sticking together we came through the challenges stronger than ever. Next time I will share how I become a Tripawd. Stay well and enjoy life.

Pixie’s story-becoming a tripawd_1

Hallo Everyone, I am a 4 year old female Wired Hair Jack Russel Terrier. Love life with all the curve balls thrown at me. I am my human mommy’s whole world and I love her a lot.

I will be sharing my story and the challenges I faced over time, and how I become a tripawd a year ago. Even though I lost my front left leg and had severe injuries I am still positive and full of life and enjoying life to the fullest with my human mommy.

I hope my story will assist others to overcome the many challenges and know that we can still enjoy life to the fullest on all three.

I will start sharing my story soon.


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