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Pixie’s Story_Recovery1

Hello Furry friends

Today I will be sharing my recovery journey with all of you. I was in the hospital and had a great deal of pain.  I missed being at home with my family and missed sleeping on the bed with mom and dad. Mom and dad are visiting me every day and spending time with me encouraging me to eat and get better. Mom is bringing me cooked chicken and rice every day and are trying her best to get me to eat. The vet told her that I am not eating and it is a concern. I must say I am hungry and took a bite, only one bite. Mom could see that I am hungry, but I can’t just give in I want to go home. Mom is stressing a great deal because I am not eating and refusing all food, but I am actually more clever than they know. If I don’t eat maybe they will send me home to recover. Well after more than a week the Vet spoke to mom and said me not eating is a problem and maybe we should try I different angle of getting me to eat. If mom is prepared to bring me in every second day in order for them to change my dressing on the open wound and give me all my meds it might be a good idea to send me home and see if I will start eating. Yipee my plan worked, although it is still difficult to walk and painful I am going home. I know that mom and dad will make sure I am ok and give me the meds. This is a great day. Arriving at home I realized that this road to recovery is going to be a hard one. Must say mom was also very relieved that I am home. I also realized I won’t be able to jump on the bed anymore to sleep with mom. Seems that mom has a plan for our new sleeping arrangements. I ate a little bit tonight and then the meds. Oh how I hate the meds, but mom and dag are both serious about making sure I am getting all my meds. Mom is sleeping on the ground with me every night. I am so happy. This is life, now my recovery can start. Mom and dad carry me outside when I need to go to the toilet. They explained if I have any accidents it is ok they understand and don’t mind cleaning up. Really this girl has her pride there is no way in the world I am doing that. Outside will work for me when it is toilet time, I can’t walk that far but with their help getting outside it works well for me. Mom needs to return to work soon but dad and granny will be at home. Granny is full-time and dad most of the time as he works from home, Wish mom could stay longer with me before returning to work but I suppose life is slowly returning to nomality. Every second day I am of to the vet for a check-up and to change my dressing. The vet is happy with my progress and is saying I am a superhero and very brave. They all laugh because I have been so stubborn by refusing to eat in order to get home. They all realized what I have been up to. In a couple of days, they will stitch the laceration closed as my skin is healing really well.

Keep well all my new friends and always a positive attitude.


Author: Pixie

Woof. I am a 4 year old brave and adorable Wired hair jack russel terrier. I love my human mommy very much. The 4 years we had together we had many ups and downs, together we enjoyed the good times and together overcame every obstacle. I want to share my story with others.

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