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Pixie’s story_Becoming a Tripawd_3

Hello Everyone

Hope you are well and are having an amazing day. Today I will be telling you how I became a Tripawd. It was a Wednesday afternoon 2021 in September. I was excited for mom to come home from work so that we can go for a walk as we do every day. Mom arrived and I was super excited and showed her my harness so that she can know I am eager for our walk. She quickly knew I wanted to go for a walk. Dad took my little brother Woefels (a Miniature Pincher) and mom took me on our harnesses. My brother is such a clown it is always a struggle to get his harness on because he gets so excited. I am well trained and stand for mom to put on my harness. Happy days we are walking our normal route, I am pretty excited I know the route and where to walk. We were walking down the street and from behind I dog came and attack us. He first crabs my brother and threw him to the ground, dad then jumped in between and crab Woefels to save him. The big dog then turned to mom and me he mom picked me up to protect me, but this dog just bit her and then eventually crabbed me out of her arms. Mom then took my Woefels from dad then was down on the ground by me fighting the dog to get me out of his jaw. The silly thing was eating me alive! Finally, dad got me lose and neighbors let us in their yard to get us away from the vicious dog.  Mom was holding me tight. Dad went home to fetch the car and took Woefels and me to the Vet. They then went to the hospital. The Vet was working on me and Woefels to get us all well again. Woefels only had a laceration on his chest that they quickly sorted and then he was treated for shock. They were working on me for a great part of the night to get me stabilized and trying to save my leg. At least they gave me plenty of medication for the pain and shock. By Friday they told mom and dad that in order to save my life they will need to amputate my leg and the deep cut below my leg they will only close it with a dressing to save the skin around and give it time to heal and not loose the skin. I also sustained a puncture on my lower abdomen. I then was taken to the theatre and my leg was amputated. Don’t worry it wasn’t easy and tragic but it wasn’t going to stop me from being my active, adorable self. Mom and dad visited me every day in the hospital. Woefels was doing good and was discharged on Friday and went home. I missed hearing him. Don’t worry it was a tough time but with the aim to get well and the support of mom and dad, it all went well. It took time but I adapted, next time I will be sharing my recovery story with you all. Life is there to enjoy to the fullest and that is what I am doing, nothing is going to keep me back.

You all must keep well and remember to stay positive and enjoy life.          Pixie.

Author: Pixie

Woof. I am a 4 year old brave and adorable Wired hair jack russel terrier. I love my human mommy very much. The 4 years we had together we had many ups and downs, together we enjoyed the good times and together overcame every obstacle. I want to share my story with others.

5 thoughts on “Pixie’s story_Becoming a Tripawd_3”

  1. Oh you sweet sweet boy. I am SO SORRY that happened to you and Woefels! How awful! It is a miracle you two survived and especially you! I think that your bravery and pawsitvity had so much to do with that recovery. What a scary time for all of you!

  2. Ohhh myyyy gosh! This was such a scary time dor uou and uour brother….and your hoomans too!
    Clearly you handled things like a Champ though with Terrier courage 👍 We can tell you and your hoomans are great role models of pawsitive attitude.
    That photo of you is absolutely ADORAVLE. You clearly are one of the cutest Tripawd RockStars ever!!!
    Look forward to following more of your adventures with your brother.
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    1. Hello Benny
      Thank you for your feedback and for following my story. Being positive help a great deal.
      Keep well and I am sure you are amazing as too.

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