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Pixie’s story becoming a tripawd_2

Hi Everyone

I found my forever home when I was 8 weeks old. Mommy and Daddy loves me. I was only 4 months old when Mommy lost her dad and I was there for her. Our bond became stronger than before. The only time she left me alone was when she had to go to work or buy groceries. We started walking every day in the neighborhood. I loved walking or more like running, lucky for me mom also loved running. I couldn’t wait for mom to come home in the evening for us to take our walks. Mommy must love me because there is not a day I without spoils. I also had lots of toys. Once a month I get a new toy to add to my collection. I also had to go to the vet for my vaccinations that I didn’t like so much. My brother a Miniature Pincher he loved it. He thinks he is a prince and love the attention me on the other not so much only from mom and dad. They never go on holiday without us. I loved swimming in the sea with mom, this was amazing and running on the beaches, even better. As I grew older and more active mom started walking me twice a day. In the mornings before work we would go for a jog and in the evenings after work we will take dad and Woefels my doggy brother with. The soon become the best life with all these outings. For three year this was our routine, only when it was raining we didn’t go, then 2021 came and it was a difficult year for us as a family with a lot of challenges. By sticking together we came through the challenges stronger than ever. Next time I will share how I become a Tripawd. Stay well and enjoy life.

Author: Pixie

Woof. I am a 4 year old brave and adorable Wired hair jack russel terrier. I love my human mommy very much. The 4 years we had together we had many ups and downs, together we enjoyed the good times and together overcame every obstacle. I want to share my story with others.

One thought on “Pixie’s story becoming a tripawd_2”

  1. Pixie, you are the glue that holds the furmily together, and the comfort your mom needed at such a very sad time. I am so sorry for your loss.

    Sounds like you fell right into the best pack ever. You go to many cool places!

    P.S. I think if you paste the Instagram photo “Embed Link” into your blog posts they will show up that way. Let me know if you’d like help and I’ll meet you in the Tripawds Chat so we can go over photos OK?

    Keep up the very sweet stories, you are so much fun 🙂

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