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Pixie’s story-becoming a tripawd_1

Hallo Everyone, I am a 4 year old female Wired Hair Jack Russel Terrier. Love life with all the curve balls thrown at me. I am my human mommy’s whole world and I love her a lot.

I will be sharing my story and the challenges I faced over time, and how I become a tripawd a year ago. Even though I lost my front left leg and had severe injuries I am still positive and full of life and enjoying life to the fullest with my human mommy.

I hope my story will assist others to overcome the many challenges and know that we can still enjoy life to the fullest on all three.

I will start sharing my story soon.


Author: Pixie

Woof. I am a 4 year old brave and adorable Wired hair jack russel terrier. I love my human mommy very much. The 4 years we had together we had many ups and downs, together we enjoyed the good times and together overcame every obstacle. I want to share my story with others.

2 thoughts on “Pixie’s story-becoming a tripawd_1”

  1. Hi Pixie! Thank you for joining our community and sharing your story. It will absolutely help others who want to know if a dog can be happy on three legs. The blogs are an excellent way to show the world Tripawds Rule! We look forward to getting to know you and your people!

    1. Hi Jerry
      Thank you for your comment on my story. As we are living in South Africa and found that support groups and finding the right gear for Tripawds is not an easy task. By searching for support groups and information on Tripawds we came accross the Tripawd Community and it helped us a lot. That is when I decided to start doing the blog and also help others with information and assuring that indeed there is lots of happiness after becoming a Tripawd.
      Pixie and Natasha(human mommy)

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